In 2006/2008 I managed and worked on a project of interest to Sistemi Integrati S.r.l. and to ImageLab for highly optimized streaming of live video data from/to mobile platforms. With mobile I mean both “movable” or “in motion”. This topic became also part of my Phd thesis and has been thoroughly described in a paper on IEEE Transactions on Multimedia:

G. Gualdi, A. Prati, R. Cucchiara, “Video Streaming for Mobile Video Surveillance” in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, vol. 10, n. 6, pp. 1142-1154, 2008

The system, named MoSeS (Mobile Streaming for Surveillance) is

  • based on H264 codec (x264)
  • works on radio-mobile connectivity, exploiting also GPRS or EDGE connectivity
  • is able to stream videos at a bandwidth as low as 5kbps (!)
  • the decoder works also on smartphones (ARM, WinCE)
  • in this context latency is approximately 1 second

We also successfully tested the ability to perform object tracking on a central server, obtaining video data from mobile sources that exploit GPRS radio-mobile connectivity. You should take 2 minutes to watch this “promo” about MoSeS.

When I was a Phd student I published the MoSeS binaries; it is not maintained anymore. However contact me if you are interested.

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