For computer vision, refer to the Case Studies.

  • Libraries and Frameworks:
    • C ANSI and C++ STL,
    • CLapack,
    • OpenCV, FFmpeg, x264,
    • Image Processing Toolbox Matlab,
    • QT,
    • .NET and Compact Framework .NET; 
  • Programming Languages:
    • C,  C++,
    • C#,
    • Matlab Scripting;
  • IDE:
    • Visual Studio,
    • Eclipse;
  • Compilers:
    • gcc, g++ (both under Unix/Linux and under Windows with mingw and cygwin),
    • MS compiler,
    • cross compilers from x86 targetting ARM architectures, for Linux and WindowsCE

Embedded Architectures ARM:

  • Xscale (Intel)
  • OMAP and DaVinci (Texas Instruments)


  • Cameras:
    • rectilinear, fisheye, PTZ and digital PTZ cameras,
    • stereo,
    • structured light depth sensors (e.g. Kinect, PrimeSense)
  • Identification Technologies:
    • RFID; HF and UHF (both active and passive), in indoor and outdoor contexts.
    • Biometry: biometric id through fingerprinting and fingerprint template matching.

Multimedia and Video Streaming:

  • Video Codecs: H.264, H.263, MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG, MJPEG;
  • Video streaming systems: Windows Media, Real Media, Helix DNA, VideoLAN, FFMpeg
  • Network communications for wireless media streaming, especially Radio-mobile networking with GPRS, E-GPRS, UMTS tailored for live multimedia streaming.

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