I am very proud of being the inventor and the developer of “Fast Marker Detection”, the algorithm behind the iRing (IK Multimedia), presented @ CES2014! There is much talk about it these days, for example

  • Engadget: “iRing adds gesture-control capability to iOS music apps” (details here)
  • CNet: “iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners who use music apps can control them now through a ring on their finger” (details here)
  • Gizmodo: “allowing for complex and precise X/Y/Z positional and proximity tracking too” (details here)
  • Mac Rumors: “IK Multimedia Debuts iRing, Gesture Controller for Apps” (details here)
  • Hexus: “users control effects and other parameters of their iOS music apps by simply moving their hand” (details here)
  • Corriere della Sera: “Five objects that left us openmouthed” (details here and on Corriere della Sera, January 9th, 2014)
  • WIRED.it: “iRing, a ring to have them dancing with gestures” (details here)

iRing is the IK Multimedia plastic ring that exploits my Fast Marker Detection algorithm (details here): this is just a vertical exploitation;

what about games and entertainment? human-machine interface? augmented reality? If you are interested in licensing and integrating this technology in your own application, just drop me an email. 

Click HERE to open the cool trailer from IK Multimedia, and down here is a video clip recorded @ CES14:

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