Computer Vision Consulting moved into Deep Vision Consulting. Please visit!

At Computer Vision Consulting we have this priority: supporting our customers to score their goals in the field of computer vision.

The firm was funded by Giovanni Gualdi in 2011; since then it is grown significantly and today is a group of passionate computer engineers and computer scientists with strong experience in image processing, computer vision and machine learning.

Giovanni Gualdi, born in Modena (Italy), 1978, married, three children, computer engineer (PhD)

My professional focus since 2002 has been primarily on computer vision, image processing and machine learning, touching also complementary fields such as multimedia data coding, identification sensors (RFID and biometric sensors), numerical analysis and programming of embedded architectures.

The large number of case studies and publications (both patents and journal papers) witness my real interest for computer engineering and for scientific and applied research as well.

One of my priorities is to maintain my expertise in computer vision always in sight of the state of the art. That’s why I keep active contacts and connections with several computer vision labs and research institutions.

Additionally, since I believe in 360° consultancy, I purposely established strategic partnerships within a network of professionals and companies that cover complementary fields in computer science/engineering, enabling me to offer a professional consultancy with a very wide spectrum over ICT.

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